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We daven according to Nusach Yerushalayim (Minhag Yerushalayim),

and follow the minhag of Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef ztz"l.



We have home cooked shabbat meals. We try to encourage people to participate in our jouyous atmosphere. Everyone is welcome !

Sunday school


We teach children up to Bar Mitzvah age. We try to instill Jewish traditions and customs, Aleph Bet , upcoming holidays and much more. Some spirituality to counter our secular environment. 



Our holiday events are known to draw many people of all Jewish backgrounds. Come join us for a true Simchat Chag !

Matzah Baking 


We organize a community baking before Pesach with emphasis on showing the young generation our beautiful customs. 

Community Service


We assist families in need with prepaired Shabbat meals.

We also assist families in need of prepaired kosher meals to the hospital. 


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