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Previous Events


Shavuot Celebration-

All night learning with lots  of refreshments, Dairy meals and more.


Lag Baomer Party-

Community bonfire, Childrens bounce house 

Kosher BBQ and lots more.


Holocaust survivor presentation-

Join us for a special talk with our special Auscwitz survivor, Shimon Askenazi from Saloniki for an inspirational talk that will not be forgotten .


Matzot Mitzvah Matza Baking

Come join us Erev Pesach at 1230PM for Matzah baking with singing and lots of energy. Every participant will get three matzot for the Seder. 


Community Seder

We are oraganizing this year a seder open free of charge to the entire community. Last year we had more then 60 participants. Come with lots of energy!



We are striving to add more and more events , so we will be updating..

Melaveh Malkah

Join us at the beggining of every month for an uplifting melaveh malkah on Saturday night, with music food and lots of spirit. 




More to information to come
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